The story starts in 1921. Jao Karmfah is a nobleman from Chiang Mai. As an arrangement by family members, he is engaged to Yaowalak. After returning to Chiang Mai for business, he falls in love with Fongkae at first sight. Karmfah decides to break off his engagement with Yaowalak to pursue Fongkae. However, Fongkae already has a man she loves, Khun Chai Yingsak Warangkorn. Fongkae’s parents prefer Karmfah as their son-in-law and locks Fongkae away, pending her nuptials to Karmfah. Yingsak sneaks into Fongkae’s home and takes her away. Upon hearing of this, Karmfah quickly chases them. When he finds them, he realizes that he cannot force anyone to love him. Just as Yaowalak could not force him to love her. He allows them to be together, and gives Fongkae a hair brooch he had specially crafted for her. Fongkae and Yingsak would go on to have two children, Mom Luang Sakchai and Mom Luang Sommapa.

Yaowalak, who was labelled as a disgrace by society when her fiance abandoned her, meets Than Chai Kietkong Suppakhun. He quickly becomes smitten by Yaowalak. But he has a secret relationship with one of the royal servants in his palace, Pleum. Pleum would fall pregnant with Kietkong shortly before he is to wed Yaowalak. Pleum keeps the pregnancy a secret and marries the royal chauffeur, Fu. Pleum would give birth to Plaewadee. Kietkong marries Yaowalak and has a daughter, Mom Ratchawongse (Khun Ying) Yorkiet, nicknamed Yingyor.
The lives of their children would later become intertwined with the brothers Pakinai and Pubadee. Both are children of Yaowalak and Kietkong’s close friends. The decisions of their parents will bring upon a complicated and tangled web of deceit, love, and lies. However, the story does not end with the children, as the parents will also have to answer for their own desires and loves.

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