Priority Project

Poot Pitsawat all links updated as of 11.21.2022

Hi-So Sa Orn episode 1-3 Updated as of 11.21.2022

Manee Naka episode 1-15 Updated as of 11.22.2022

Naet Nakhin episode 1-5 Updated as of 11.22.2022

*Regarding Sai Ruk Sai Sawat, it seems the videos were privated by the official channel. Likely, they are planning to rerun the lakorn. I will fix the link as the video becomes available or may find an alternate solution. Stay tuned! 

*Announcement* Fah Piang Din can be watched at oneHD’s official youtube channel with english subs.

Currently Subbing

Can you guess what the priority project will be from the background image? This priority project will replace Fah Piang Din. 


I took a long hiatus due to some personal issues. Now that I am in a better place, I can resume my subbing role. Thank you everyone for being so patient with me!

Completed English Subtitles