Manee Naka

Manee Naet a Naka/Serpent, who is known for her beauty sneaks to earth while her fiancé Mujalin Nakarat is observing religious precepts (meditation) during Buddhist Lent. Manee comes across a human name Chonlathit who was victim of an attempted murder. She sacrificed a glass orb to save his life. Her choice binds them together as they are now telepathically connected. They can sense and see events that occurs within the other person as if they were in the scenario themselves. Chonlathit is the heir of a massive fortune who has an assassination order taken out on his life, for his inheritance. Manee happens to find Chonlathit because Tatchai’s men attempt to drown him.
After saving his life, Manee lives with Chonlathit and learns of the human world. She becomes immersed by humans and their way of life. She is often bullied by Dutjan, who is in love with Chonlathit. One day, Manee is unable to tolerate Dutjan’s bullying and transform into her Nakee form. Luckily she is able to erase their memories as she does with anyone who finds out her secret. Pakee who is Chonlathit’s best friend attempts to find the culprit behind his murder plot and is certain that it is Tatchai.
However, one day Chonlathit sees her in her Nakee form. Initially, he feared her but the power of love allowed him to accept her for who she is. Without noticing, Chonlathit had fallen for Manee Naet. Despite their strong bonded love, there are many obstacles that await the human and his serpent princess. King Mujalin Nakarat who has come to retrieve Manee Naet, the contant plots to murder Chonlathit, Ninrat (another Nakee who is in love with Mujalin) attempts to ruin Manee Naet, Sadayu who is Cholathit’s heart’s competitor. The chaos and constant interference in their lives causes Manee to take her form as a Nakee and harm innocent people. In the end will the love of the serpent princess and her human end happily ever after?

Credits to CCCS, Chuồn Chuồn Cánh Sen for timing, CatATTACK for resyncing
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