Hi-So Sa Orn

Mayrisa was once a poor young girl and whisked away to the rich life. Afer her grandmother seeks her family out, Mayrisa is moved far far away from her small village and away from her good friend Aidin. Ten years later, Mayrisa returns to Thailand to take over her family’s textile business. However, Myarisa studied fashion instead of business. Aidin who recognizes Mayrisa immediately upon their first encounter as adults is stunned that the young girl who had his heart is no longer that young girl.

Aidin doesn’t want to get involved in Mayrisa’s life as she is now a wealthy heiress and he is but a mechanic. Will the two overcome all odds? (Source: Bitter Kisses)

EpisodeDate Updated
Episode 1Fixed 11.21.2022
Episode 2Fixed 11.21.2022
Episode 3Fixed 11.21.2022
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