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These are projects that I am “interested” in, but will not confirm. However, if there are other subbers interested or doing any of the projects on this list, it is automatically off. For list of “confirmed” projects, Click Me.

*Some may know that I want to see as many lakorns subbed as possible. Not by ONLY ME, but in general. There are so many lakorns that deserve to be subbed but never got subbed. These are some of the lakorns I want to go back and do. Also, lakorns that may air in the future.

* Interested
** Very Interested
*** Most likely will end up on future list,
Once all current projects are complete.
**** Definitely will end up on the future list,
Once there are less than 4 current projects.

Channel 3: —
*** Plerng Prang Thien
*** Rabum Mek (Yiiwha Preeyakarn & Job Tachapon)
****- Jao Gum Nai Wayn (Pip Rawich & Mew Lalita)
**** Poo Dee E-Sarn 2013 Starring: Mai Warit & Prim Prima Buncharoen
***** – Jao Gum Nai Wayn (Remake that has not confirmed cast yet) *Note this would be on the upcoming list if the cast and etc. were confirmed. This project has been halted by the production company.

Channel 7:
Old/Ended/Currently Airing:
***- Hi-so Sa Orn  (Maggi Apa & Kem Hussawee)     This has been moved to the upcoming projects because it was requested by someone close and extremely dear. 
**** -Atitha.   (Om Akapana, Pooklook Fonthip, Michael Pataradet, Nao Tisarnart)
**** Peuan Paeng (Weir Sukollwat, Pooklook Fonthip, and Yui Chiranan)
**** Jao Saming (Kem Hussawee & Tubtim Anyarin)
***  Nai Hoi Tamin (Michael P & Pooklook Fonthip)
**** Sarawat Mae Look Orn (Maggi Apa & Boss Chanakan)
**** Lueam Salub Lai (New Wongsakorn, Sammy Cowell, Rotmay, Bank Arthit)

2019 [Upcoming Lakorns]

**** Pleng Ruk Pleng Bpeun  [Big M Krit, Preaw Tussaneeya, Hone T. , Maggi Apa]  Teaser: Link
**** Dtakruat Tone [Kem Hussawee, Noey Paphada, Hone T., Jammie Pannichadar]
**** Insee Daeng [Om Akapan, Bow Maylada, Maggi Apa, Off Chanapol [Only if NO Other subber is interested]  Teaser by Channel 7: Link
**** Hua Jai Look Poochai [Kem Hussawee, Now Tisarnart] *NOTE* [Only if Thippy is not subbing this. This is also on Thippy’s maybe list.]  (Teaser SUBBED BY THIPPY: Link)
**Reua Manut
*** Buang Sabai [Moved to upcoming list. Rumored to be airing January 24th]

—- Safe to assume I will sub anything with Kem Hussawee and Maggi Apa as long as NO OTHER SUBBER has picked it up. I prefer to pick up if a subber decides they do not want to do it. As I am slower, and want my favorites to be promoted, so I rather have a faster and more experienced subber pick it up ^.^

Channel 8:
*** —Mae Lueak Koet Dai (Film Rattapoom & Mod Napapat)

Channel ONE31/GMM/ALL Related Channels
– The Long Lost Memory, Ruk Kong Rao Nai Wan Tee Rai Kwarm Song Jum (Camilla Kittivat & Oab Nithi)
– Sao Noi Roy Larn View (Tong Tong The Star & Xiang Xiang)
– Nang Barb 2016 (Sean Jindachote & Mind Waratthaya)

— None at the moment.

Boran/Fantasy Lakorns

***Gror Phet Jed See (The one from the 90s)
***Thep Sarm Reudoo (2006 & 2017)

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