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A year ago, I decided to join the subbing realm. It was something I attempted once, twice, and thrice. Things just didn’t work out the first few times. That was until one lakorn captured my heart. The sad part was, it wasn’t being subbed! So, I decided to giving subbing a try one more time. It was a huge learning experience. I picked up loads of projects I had no business taking on! However, the thrill of subbing was just so amazing. I decided to purchase the domain to commit myself to this subbing thing. However, it wouldn’t be until July when episodes of anything were released. It has been an interesting year. I assumed that I would be able to immerse myself into the subbing world and accomplish a great deal of things. Except, my real life goals began to take shape and subbing somewhat became a part of my backseat of passengers. I met some amazing people during my subbing journey. I got closer to people I was already acquainted with at some point during my blogging days. I learned so much from wonderful subbers such as CatAttack, JJ of MLAT, Neko, Thippy, and Subbers Paradise (Alphabet Order). Although this journey has been a slow burn and has taken a backseat to my real life adventures, I still intend on pursuing it to the max. A have an entire list of lakorns that I am excited to sub and will hopefully get done over time. I must give a shout out to Dahlia and Sun. Those two have been incredible with helping me out. I also met some amazing girls that embarked on a journey to support and promote subbers, Lakorn Galaxy. Despite adversity, these girls continue to give life to the work of fansubbers. No amount of thanks and gratitude would be enough for alwaysmeena. She is one of the driving forces that united subbers. This union would help all involved subbers as there are some spots that need second opinions. Although many of the subbers work individually, our collaboration comes in the form of advice and sharing resources to improve our subbing when necessary. Let’s see what this journey will lead us to, hopefully more subbed lakorns!


Wow! It has been an interesting year! Once upon a lifetime I was just a lakorn blogger. Then, I kind of disappeared when real life got in the way. When I started getting immersed in the lakorn world again, never did I think I would be subbing lakorns. Except, a remake of Sai Ruk Sai Sawat happened. There are many subbers I follow frequently because I either knew them from other social media platforms or I found them while finding subs for friends. When I searched hi and low I couldn’t find a subber subbing Sai Ruk Sai Sawat. I was skeptical, hesitant and nervous, but I decided to take on the task. I was so in love with the lakorn I felt it needed to be subbed! Along the way friends began requesting certain lakorns be subbed and I was happy to oblige (despite my frequent complaints). I joined the subbing world at a chaotic time (those who know and have followed subbers know why this is). At some point I wondered if it was worth it, and to be completely honest. It is. Despite the bad experiences, I enjoy sharing my love for lakorns with others. It is what I used to do via recaps. I was hoping to complete a project or two by the end of the year, but I underestimated how time consuming subbing can be. I don’t want to delve too much into personal life, but I am not short of responsibilities. There is my family, school full time at two different schools, a job, clinicals/externship for my healthcare career, and students to deal with as an assistant to a few teaching professionals. The best part about subbing was all of the new friends I made. I’ve met some amazing people on my lakorn subbing journey and have learned so much from these wonderful people. I even became closer to those I’ve known for awhile. In short, I enjoyed every single moment of becoming a subber (does that sound cheesey?!)

Of course there are my left and right hand women, Dahlia and Sun. It’s amazing how even if they don’t know Thai, they still try to help as much as possible (when they aren’t breaking the website).

As for viewers, I hope you’ve enjoyed the work I have done so far. I know it isn’t much, but I have given it the best that I could possibly give it as a hobby. I thank those who have had patience with me and encouraged me despite my crawling speed. Lastly, I hope everyone had a wonderful year!

Now onto 2019!

Yes, I’m not quite finished! Sorry! For 2019, there are some big changes coming into my life. I will continue to sub. However, there may be time periods where I am slower than usual. I hope you can continue to be patient with me. For you? I hope 2019 becomes every thing you hope it will become. I wish everyone all the success in the world in having a great year.

New Years Resolution? Too Cliche?

These are some of my resolutions for subbing.

  • Complete all of my currently open projects (Yikes, so many?!)
  • Try and sub more historical lakorns (If you didn’t notice this is one of my favorite genres!)
  • Try and sub some Boran/Fantasy lakorns (Some of these are pretty great.)
  • Promote my biases by subbing their lakorns old and new!
  • If there is more, I will come back and add to this!
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