Idioms & Common Word/Phrases

  1.  Sompahn kin gai wat (Abbot eating the temple’s chicken – Basically,  when someone of a higher authority attempts to or has relations with  one of their subordinates. Since, the employer is supposed to have the employee’s interest at heart. Like, an abbot should have the interest of beings within the temple at heart. 
  2. Sia thong tao hua, dtae mai yorm sia pua (I can lose gold the size of my head, but I refuse to lose my husband) – It’s exactly as it sounds. It’s basically a description on what you’re willing to give up before you ever give up your husband/spouse. 
  3. Ong, is generally used as a classifier for many entities such as kings, gods, monks. In this case it’s sort of like father Angulimala. If it were a royalty it would be sort of like “His Highness, His majesty”
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