Barb Ruk Talay Fun

Umakorn is a young girl who escapes the wrath of her step-mother into the arms of a tiger. Sathra has a childhood trauma that was caused by Umakorn’s father. When Umakorn lands in his resort as an employee, he is curious about her and attracted to her. Things take a bad turn when he realizes that Umakorn’s father is the person that destroyed his family. Sathra sets out to take revenge on Aht by using Umakorn. Sathra coaxes Umakorn into marriage, but is it for revenge or has she captured his heart? (Source: BitterKisses)

There are like 4 different versions of this lakorn. The one that I subbed is the 15 episode version that Channel 3 released on their youtube before taking it down to repost the 6 part episodes.

*NOTE: PLEASE VISIT LAKORNGALAXY.COM for viewing links. Channel 3 Took down the original videos that these subtitles link to on their youtube channel. SO, the links are currently not working until Channel 3 reposts those links. HOWEVER, you can view them at

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