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– The founder of Bitter Kisses Subbing team and currently, the only translator. Kisses joined the subbing world because of one lakorn. She adored the lakorn, “Sai Ruk Sai Sawat” so much. The lakorn was so beautiful to her, she decided other’s needed to know how wonderful the lakorn was as well.




Dahlia is one of Kisses’s good friends. She joined the team to help with the social media aspect and timing. Her favorite lakorn, introduced by Kisses, was Ngao Asoke 1999. She instantly fell for Monthai’s charms and watched a few of Ekkarat’s other works. Her first lakorn in recent years was Jumleuy Ruk, probably almost all non-Thai’s first, right?



Sun, is the quiet one amongst the three. Sun loves melodramatic lakorn and has a secret love for musical lakorns. Sun joined the team to help with the social media aspect, and learn how to time. The first lakorn Sun watched as a recommendation from Kisses was, “Manee Yard Fah – Willy and Ann.” Ever since then, she has had an affinity for princess’s storyline!

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Adrian Toma January 25, 2019 - 2:42 pm

Love your work


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