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Nang Barb Finally FINISHED!


WOW…. Where do I begin? I would have never thought that Nang Barb would be my first completed lakorn. This lakorn was challenging for many reasons. When I decided to pick it up, it was because one of my good friends wanted it subbed. Also, I loved the previous version starring, Aum Atichart, Khem Rujira, Andy, Benz Pornchita, and Ae Issariya. I think, the genre itself was a little bit scary because it deals with two lifetimes. However, that wasn’t the main issue!

The storyline was completely ugh? I mean, there are some parts where it was interesting and not TOO bad. The thing that got me was ONE MAJOR thing. NAVIN TAR. I don’t understand his portrayal of Khun Phra. There are times where you want to believe he is one with his character. However, that was NOT the case. There are sometimes where his emotions were totally off from what he SHOULD be feeling. Also, the character itself was a little WTF?!

Let’s start with Rin. She is his right-hand woman. She is like his sister and best friend. She takes care of him like family would take care of one another. The WEIRD thing is… There are some scenes where she is clearly injured or in deep trouble, but he is like nowhere around her? Instead, we get Parn who always seem to show up when she needs help. There is a scene where Rin falls from a stature that was high up. Yet, he was nowhere by her side?! Why is it Parn that takes her to the hospital?!  Like he’s a central character to everyone, but he’s NEVER around when he really needs to be. I don’t understand…..

As much as I complain about this lakorn, the overall story wasn’t too bad. The rest of the cast pulled their weight. I’m just very conflicted on Witsanu being portrayed by Navin Tar.

Let’s get to the storyline a little bit….

            There is something that confuses me. It seems that Yhot was the one who helped Phra Wanathep get his object of desire, Yard. However, we only see that once. A majority of the time we see that Gumlai is the one that sends Yard to Khun Phra. It almost makes me think that the editing team messed up. The story isn’t “compelling” or anything like that. It’s about a lecherous pervert who has to take  all the women within his sights as a mistress, and a wife who must endure it because at the time it was “normal.”

            I can’t recommend or not recommend this lakorn. Truth is, there are parts where I really enjoyed it and parts where it was just like.. what the hell?

… To be frank…. This is all I have to say because I spent too much time on this lakorn! I can’t believe it is the first lakorn I would complete subbing. The lakorn I loathed subbing most in the ones that I began subbing.



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