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Top Ten Most Nominated Lakorn As of 12/30/2018

*Note these are the top ten most nominated as of 12/18/2018. From this point forward, we will be making daily updates to this. IF it stays the same, it means no changes have taken place. This list is in NO Particular order. Remember the Nomination phase will end on NEW YEAR’S EVE. You can still nominate as many time as you want. There are some lakorns that did not make it on the list because they were either already subbed or someone else has subbed them. 

Petch Roy Ruk

Lily is whisked away overseas with her mother and stepfather. After many attempts by her stepfather to sexually assault her, Lily runs away and fleas back to Thailand. She is attempting to find her loving grandmother, but her grandmother has long moved. She inadvertently becomes a famous actress. She meets Thawin a man who has had his heart broken by an actress. He vowed hate towards all actresses as his former lover leaves their lovechild with him and disappears. Regardless of how much Thawin tries to run from falling for another actress, he can’t help but be drawn to Lily. Things take a turn for the worst or better? When Lily is accused of killing her agent and stealing a valuable diamond. Thawin is forced to help this naive actress survive, while being pushed closer to her. 

Nang Barb (2016)

Tongruam lives in a household where everyone in her family takes advantage of her. Her stepfather is often trying to sexually assault her. Her sister is jealous of her and often uses her. Nakarin is a wealthy man who married because of familial duties. However, he refuses to touch his wife and leaves her on a pedestal that she much belongs. He meets Tongruam a woman he becomes interested in and often propositions her to become his mistress. Tongruam who is high on her dignity, decides to give in when the price is saving her neighbors and their much beloved neighborhood. However, she is labelled a woman of sin. Will Tongruam ever find happiness with this billionaire casanova?

Prakasit Kammathep

Panita the granddaughter of a wealthy shoe mogul is expected to find a man. Her grandfather throws many suitable men at her, but she refuses to accept them. She will only pick a man based on her own heart and terms. She meets Hayman a poor man that is not suitable with her in any way. However, behind his pauper background is a secret. The secret that he is the true heir of this big shoe dynasty. 

Dome Thong

Adit is in love with a woman named Veerongrong. The elders arrange a marriage between Adit and Veerongrong’s sister Sorudom. Adit marries her based on Veerongrong’s pleadings. However, later on Sorudom realizes that Adit has never forgotten her sister. When Adit goes away for work, Sorudom locks Veerongrong away in a tower. Adit returns and is unable to find Veerongrong. He eventually dies of a broken heart. This past misdeed carries into the future. Sorudom must answer for her sins when a caretaker resembling her deceased sister appears into her life. 

Peuan Paeng

Two sisters and one man. Lor has always loved Peuan and Peuan loved Lor as well. However things change as they are introduced to the bright lights of the city. Peuan becomes ambitious and falls for a rich man. She has intimate relations with him, but soon realize he doesn’t see her as a valuable person. Her only option is to return to the man that dedicates his life to her. Later, Lor finds that his true love has broken his trust and slept with someone else. He also finds out that Paeng the annoying little girl and younger sister of his lover has feelings for him. The two spends the night together and Paeng becomes pregnant. Puean is angry and unconsidered circumstances causes Paeng to die with her unborn child. Lor who once promised to love only Peuan and will offer his life if the promise is ever broken, decides to commit suicide. He is never able to fully love Paeng, but he must accompany her. The only woman to give and never expect anything in return from him. 

Jao Saming * Taken off the list because it has become a future confirmed project. Pending raw videos 🙂

Ongtee/Tawan inherited a curse when he was attacked by a Tiger with the Spirit of a Saming, when he was a boy. He comes in contact with his childhood friend and love Muayjerng/Pimsai. Surrounding them are evil men who will do anything to get what they want. Tawan now has to face the task of protecting the woman he loves and curing himself of a monstrous curse. A curse that no man can easily cure. He is not only a danger to others, but to the people he love. Will Tawan overcome the obstacles and become a man who can love his woman, again? 

Lueat Kon Khon Jaang Taken off list because it is going to be on netflix.

The murder of an heir to a big family shocks the nation. With a family with multiple generations, multiple secrets, and endless grudges. It is difficult to determine who killed the heir and future leader of the family. As secrets begin to unravel and relationships begin to fall apart. How many people will suffer befor the murderer is caught? 

Jao Sao Korng Arnon

Arnon once loved his neighbor dearly. However, she is now married to another man. By chance he meets Suchada. Suchada stays away from Arnon as she has heard of his promiscuous ways. She is told by a friend that he has broken her heart. Suchada refuses to acknowledge a man who hurt her friend. As their story unfolds, Suchada’s real birthright becomes more clear. 

Sai Lub  Jub Abb

Three best friends are repeatedly hurt by past relationships. Their former loves turn out to be gay. Tired of being lied to and tricked, the women create an agency to help women expose the gay men who use them to hide their true selves. Each woman meets men that they suspect, but fate is cruel. The women fall for their investigation suspects and are forced to face the consequences when their real intentions of being close to the men are revealed. 

Wimarn Jor Ngern 

Rising superstar Orawan is accused of having an affair on the night of her wedding to rising superstar Iit. Shamed and pushed out by society Orawan raises her daughter alone. Rungrawee who framed Orawan for having an affair is now married to Iit. She has a daughter Pimdao. The actions of the past comes back to haunt Rungrawee when her daughter’s biggest competition in the entertainment world is Orawan’s daughter, Nussara. Rungrawee and Pimdao refuses to let Orawan and Nussara take their place in the world. Manipulations and murder plots begin to slowly reveal the truth behind Orawan’s affair, Nussara’s father, Pimdao’s father, and many more. Will Nussara survive the dog eat dog world of the entertainment business? 

Por Nou Bpen Superstar

Superstar Danthep is surprised when a teenage girl shows up claiming to be his daughter. Over a decade ago 
Danthep had a relationship with a woman named Kate. Things didn’t end well and both parted ways.
Now their daughter has brought them back together. Will Kate and Danthep be able to mend their 
broken relationship and become a family? 

Sri Ayodhaya Replacing Luead Kon Khon Jaang on the nomination list

Four people, four perspectives. Sri Ayodhaya follows four modern day individuals who are reincarnations of people of the past. Their past can be traced back to the era in which the King Borommakot is the monarch. The journey ventures into years after Siam’s fall to Burma, and Taksin the Great’s liberation of Siam.



  1. KRIS
    December 19, 2018 at 4:09 am

    Thank you for giving us updates. Those are all lovely Lakorns. Excited to see the final result of this project of yours. Hope you subbed the one I’m hoping for. Regardless, for sure what ever the outcome definitely it’s a good one. Thanks again.

  2. Thippy
    December 30, 2018 at 9:42 pm

    nice choice of nominations!

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