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Hiso Sa Orn is everything

 Maybe, my title is slightly misleading. However, that is the way I am feeling at the moment! Hiso Sa Orn is a fairly normal evening/daily lakorn that aired on channel 7. The thing is… the chemistry between the leads was extremely intoxicating! There wasn’t an abundance of angst scenes, but it wasn’t meant to be that kind of lakorn. Initially, Maggi was very awkward as a posh, spicy, and snobby hiso girl. The more I watched, the more I began to wonder…. was it done intentionally? There is one scene where Aidin is talking to his sister Dao, and he says “No matter how much she has changed, she’s still the same lollipop. She just has more wrappers, the more you unwrap the more the real Mayrisa begins to appear.” This was extremely true. Maggi as Mary the snobby hiso didn’t feel right, but the more she became involved with Aidin, the more down to earth and natural she became. 

Mayrisa was a country kid who lived with her mother and father in the country side. Her grandmother had disowned her father for falling in love with a poor country woman. However, when Mayrisa is a little close to teenage age… her grandmother comes and take them home. 

Years later, Aidin is called to an accident where he meets the now grown up Mayrisa. However, now she is Mary. He recognizes her immediately, but isn’t quite sure it is really her. Surely, his sweet Mayrisa did not become this snobby hiso? Aidin keeps his identity as Ai Joi a secret, but Mary eventually sneaks into his room to resolve her suspicion. This is the moment she confronts him for being Ai Joi 

Mary sees the sign on the stuffed animal that Aidin cherishes so much. She thinks back to when they were children. She was the one who wrote the name of the cow “Somwang” and placed it as a nametag. Aidin had to sell his beloved Ox because of financial demands. He was deeply saddened and Mayrisa’s way to cheer him up was to give him a version that he will not have to sell. 
A disappointed Mary runs off and Aidin follows her. He tells her that there was no point in telling her the truth when she has forgotten him. The most painful part. 
Mary: Who would remember? Back then you were a tiny kid! Now, you’re tall and grown!
Aidin: If you give value to something, you’ll remember. If you don’t remember it’s because it’s not important to you! 
(These may be inaccurate, I am going by memory, but it was along those lines?)
Mary fights back and tells him that this isn’t how she wants to be. Her life was turned upside down when grandma took her back to the city. Grandma forbade her from thinking of her life in the country or remembering it. Grandma would verbally abuse Mary’s mom if Mary became disobedient. Mary turned into a doll her grandma can change and manipulate to lighten the verbal abuse on her mother. Aidin apologizes and hugs her. That hug looks so warm and safe! 
I had a whole series of screencaps for this part, but don’t want to spoil too much. After they hug and make up. Aidin explains to Mayrisa that he is not dating their other childhood friend, but they were pretending so Mary’s fiancee who is in love with Namthong (their other friend) will leave Namthong alone. Mary asked Mom Nop to be her fake boyfriend so her grandma will not tie such a tight leash around her neck. This scene was cute because then Aidin smiles and Mary asks, “What are you smiling about now?” Aidin: “I saw you smile when I said that Namthong and I aren’t really together. ” Mary attempts to get up, but he pulls her back into his arms. 
“Where are you going? ……I’ve missed you.” 
You will see how much Ai Joi loved his Mayrisa when you get further down in this post. 

Since, I plan to sub this. I won’t spoil the story too much. However, I need to get my love for this pair out of my chest! Don’t read if you don’t want to see ending spoilers. 

My favorite thing about this lakorn is that it is a childhood love story. Aidin is officially the best pra’ek of all time to me.

In this scene he is asked how does he know he can give Mary/Mayrisa the best, or how can grandma be sure what he will give her is the best? HIs answer?

“15 years, 10 months, and 23 days. Is the first day that Mary left Kum Pawa Pi. Ever since then, Mary is the person I’ve been looking for and want to see the most. I am confident I love Mary no less than grandmother, father, or mother.”

– Ai Joi/Aidin (Hiso Sa Orn Final Episode)

Ai Joi telling May that when they were child he tolerated and worked super hard at farming, always to be the last one finished because if he quit, May would no  longer have fun. 
May finding out that Ai Joi has always protected and sacrificed for her. 

Now, Chemistry…Find you someone that looks at you the way Ai Joi looks at Mayrisa!! 

Goodbye Ai Joi/Aidin and Mayrisa/Mary! I will see you again when I begin subbing this lakorn! 

One thing I really loved is… there was no big reveal that Aidin or Joi was the secret heir to some other billionaire. Grandma accepted him for him. She realized that money alone will not cherish her granddaughter as much as man who truly loves her. He has the ability to love and care for her. Sure, it may not be in the image of Prada or Louis Vuitton. It is much more valuable, and that his someone who counted the years, months, and days he was separated from his heart. 

Kem’s and Maggi’s chemistry was level 10! I’ve seen clips and other photos of Kem with his other leads and there is just not enough compared to his chemistry with Maggi. It’s unfortunate that Maggi is mostly evening lakorn lead or supporting character in prime time. Kem has been promoted to a prime time actor. It is highly unlikely, we will see these two together as leads again. So, must cherish this lakorn. 




  1. thelakornmommy
    January 1, 2019 at 6:27 am

    I too loved that Show didn’t turn Aidin into some long lost millionaire, and that they stayed true to the argument that you don’t need all the material riches in order to be a hiso. Thanks for sharing the love for this pairing with us, I’ve been infected!

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