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Matt Peeranee opens up about her relationship with Songkran Taechanarong

*Note, forgive me for grammar issues. Was not expecting this thing to be 6 pages long!

Matt Peeranee Kongthai admits to getting to know Songkran Taechanarong. She announces that she will address this issue only once. She also raises her hands (wai) to apologize to Mint Chalida for being dragged into this issue. Matt also affirms that there are no issues with Aff Taksaorn and the two can greet each other normally.

After being attacked all across social media about the rumors of dating Songkran Taechanarong, Matt Peeranee appeared at an the opening event for Market Bangkok Reporters asked her about everything.

Today, I intend to talk about everything regarding this matter, and also the final time. Before, I didn’t say anything because I didn’t have any event. I wasn’t hiding anything. The thing I am being criticized most for is regarding the fact of why did I have to lie, about knowing him in person. I assure you that, at that time I didn’t know him on a personal basis. However, I didn’t reveal everything because I wasn’t ready, and I was afraid there would be an issue like today. At the time the news slowly starting coming out and slowly being revealed, I knew I would be screwed. At the time, he wasn’t finished with his business, so I didn’t tell anyone that he was coming into my life.

At what point did you guys become acquainted personally?
We got to know each other more on a personal basis more recently, when he mentioned going to the gym. I don’t want to make an excuse and say it was a coincidence. I’ve already talked to him and we agreed to just be straightforward. I think he has the potential to figure out where I am, no matter where it is. Everything happened unintentionally. It wasn’t like I decided I will date this person, and I will talk to that person. It’s like I said at the time, I never lied that there was no one coming in. Honestly, there were many people who were coming in to court me. There is also news that I am attempting to catch him because he is rich. I asked him if he really had hundreds of billions, and he said no. So, I wasn’t interested because he was rich.

Right now, your relationship with Songkran, how is it and what is it?
Right now, it is like he has already said, we are going to try seeing each other.

But you aren’t an official couple yet, right?
No, we’re not an official couple yet.

But, you’re giving him the chance, right?
Yes, I am. Because as I mentioned at the beginning, he proved to me that he already completed his business. As for Norway, at the time everyone knows my grandmother had just passed away at the beginning of the year. I had to go deal with everything there, paperwork and bank information and things like that. I told him that I wouldn’t have many days free, but he was going to come. At the time he had just finished his business (divorce), and I admit at the time I wasn’t thinking properly because even if his business was finished, no one else knew. The only people who knew were people that were close to everyone. I don’t feel that I did anything wrong because everything was finished, just no one knew. He said he was going to come, so I feel like am just someone waiting, I’m not the type that will hug his leg and beg him to come see me.

When you mention completing his business, you are talking about his marriage certificate/divorce, right?
Everyone should already know, what it means.

Many people see you as the reason that he signed the paperwork faster?
This is up to everyone’s own perspective. I don’t have the right to tell anyone what to believe or not believe.

At that time he wasn’t finished with his business, why did you agree to talk to him?
Well, we weren’t talking seriously or anything or often even.

When he came to court you, you didn’t ask if he was already divorced?
            I knew as much as everyone else. I’ve never tried to get involve with his personal life. Think of it this way, I’ve always been the bold type. I’ve never denied this. The way I considered it was (at the time), if he was thick face enough to come and court me. I just ignored it and didn’t care. I felt I didn’t do anything wrong. Another thing, I want to request about P’ Pat. It is something that is very traumatic for me. I am worried about his feelings. I don’t want anyone to say that I broke up with someone for anyone else.  As for me being the third hand in P’ Songkran’s relationship. I won’t defend myself anyone over it, it is up to everyone to come to their own conclusion. If someone has made up their mind, no matter what I say, I will still be a bad person in their eyes. I won’t defend or anything over that anymore. What I want to mention is, the last time when I said it is personal. I’m going to speak on it so everyone can understand. I’ve had issues with P’ Pat long before meeting P’ Songkran. At the time I sought advice from both of our group of friends. At that time our issues were severe and we could no longer continue. It’s not that I’m not sad that we couldn’t continue on, but — think of it this way, everyone has different ambitions in life. Some wants to be a CEO, but my ambitions. I feel like I’ve had enough. What I mean is that I’ve came far beyond my dreams. I feel like I have enough money and I’m already known enough. I don’t feel that people like me because I have a sweet face or that I’m pretty. I’m the type that is bold and tomboyish. I’ve tried to prove myself through my work all this time. Put it this way, I don’t think I’ve ever done anything wrong. As for P’ Pat’s issue that hasn’t ended yet. When it came to our relationship it doesn’t have anything to do with anyone or any man. Whether it is P’ Songkran or any other A, B, C named man. It was between us, I’ve already come this far, there is no possibility of going back now.


What was the reason you decided to open your heart to P’ Songkran, when he began to court you?

This, my mother has asked, and everyone around me has asked. I can’t answer this. Basically, it was just something that you like? There doesn’t necessarily have to be a reason. My mom has asked me as well about when I became impressed by him, and I don’t know. I’m like everyone, I know as much news as everyone else. Many people say he isn’t good like this and like that. I’m the type that will listen, but not judge. He may be a bad person to someone else, but he is good to me. Why should I be terrible towards him?


Aren’t you afraid of the future?
I’m not afraid of the future because I don’t hold on to anything. Like there are people who are married for 20, 30,. and 40 years, but still divorce. Then there are some that has only met for a few months and gets married, but live happily. I’ve dated him for 14 years, I’ve never considered breaking up. I’ve always thought this person is my person for a family, but in the end, it isn’t.

Is one of the reason because you wanted to get married?

It is one of the reasons. I’ll say it straightforwardly, it was a part of the reason.

Have you looked far enough towards marriage with Songkran?
No, not at all.

What do you think is the reason he decided to court you?

Isn’t this a question for him?

You’ve gone to the gym before he began courting you, right?

Definitely, I like to be on my own side about this. I know that I wasn’t the one who ran towards him.

He posted something to apologize to you?
I was surprised about this to, when I woke up and saw it.

How does your mother feel about this?

When he first began courting me, I told everyone, the elders at the channel, my mom, and my close friends. I know that I am a woman so either way I will be screwed and screwed if something happens. People around me has always known, but a I said earlier, I have nothing to say, aside I am sure that he has resolved his business.

Can you say that this love goes against your mother’s wishes? What has your mother warned or motivated you with?

My mom already knows how everything is, and of course she is worried. I feel that in this country, if the person isn’t P’ Songkran Taechaenarong it wouldn’t turn out this way. Everyone considers him a bad person and can we conclude this? I don’t have anything more to say. Right now, we’re not an official couple, but we’re getting to know each other. Like he said initially. Also, however the future is we don’t know. Thank everyone for being concerned and for feeling pity because I’ve never done anything negative. But, now I’ve come to do something negative. I accept all advice and concerns. I don’t toss or ignore them. I consider it, but I have to give him the chance to prove himself. I’ve already admitted to giving him a chance. Now it’s up to me to see for myself what type of person he is and how he will prove himself. After this, when I get hurt, then come and remind me at that point. Let me cry about it and prove I was wrong. However, if I am going to be happy, please be happy for me. The future we can’t predict.

Have you met Songkran’s family? There seem to be some news that you have met them.

Going to Bonanza isn’t true. I haven’t been yet.

There is also news you two go out often, and people from the internet see you together often.

Yes, people who see us together, it’s true. He has already finished his business. So, we go places like normal people. We don’t hide or avoid anyone.



How was it meeting Songkran’s family?

I just went to greet his father, and he doesn’t seem to have any issues.

Mint is in the news for being a matchmaker for you two?

I really have to apologize to her (raises hand to waii), it is a really unfortunate time for her. I have to apologize to her and mom may. I am the reason she is in a bad spot. I have to admit this point. I have to apologize and apologize more. I will say this one final time, please don’t curse her. She has never introduced us and we have never been together with all three of us.

But you have talked to Mint often about this when Songkran started courting you?

I’ve never told her. No one knew. Even the friends in the furby gang, none of them knew. The friends that I mentioned are friends outside of the entertainment business that are really close to me. My friends in the furby gang, we are close to an extent. However, it if it something really personal, it is discussed with the elders and my close close friends outside of the ET business.


Why did you decide to tell the elders about this relationship when it was barely beginning? Or, did you already know it would be like this?

I’ve already given the reason. Before I get screwed over this, I have to let the elders know so they can help me prepare. It’s not to ask them how to answer questions, but just to inform them. When something like this happens, it really hurts me. I’ve been crying everyday and night, honestly.

The comments are really harsh?

The comments are really harsh. I really want to respond. As I’ve said, they cursed me pretty bad. They’ve accused me of being the third hand, but they don’t know the truth. If it  were the truth, I would be afraid, but I’m not. Speaking of this, it really angers me. Please, let me bring my emotions down first.

You’ve been crying a lot lately? You’re really upset over what has happened?

I was just kidding to add some flavor to the interview. I’m just over it, I have cried for real, and I am sad over this. I wasn’t prepared to face this. As I’ve said, the type of person that I am, I do feel that I didn’t think clearly enough, but because I don’t feel bad, I don’t put too much heart into it.

What do you want to say to those who criticize you heavily?

I don’t have anything to say, go ahead and speak as you want. It’s ok, I understand.

Does it have any bearing on your image or ratings of your lakorn?

It doesn’t have any bearing because I’ve already spoken to the channel and elders. Everyone understands that I am innocent.

Will your lakorn be postponed because of your news?

It isn’t postponed, I was surprised to see the news to. I’ve already spoken to the elders. Also, there are many old new that have been brought in to this drama. People will use any news no matter how old it is. As for the lakorn the final filming day is the 23rd of December. There are a lot of CG effects and we anticipate it will air between March and April. Everything is as it was planned.

If you can turn back time, do you regret talking to Songkran?

I’ve already chosen, so, I have to take responsibilities for my actions.

How have your friends encouraged you?

I just want to apologize to Mint. Everyone else, there is no need. We all know in this business, there is no way to avoid being pulled into each other’s drama. Everyone understands and we all give each other encouragement.

Will it be an issue if you come across Aff?

Not at all.

Does mom have anything to say?

It’s better if mom doesn’t say anything because she isn’t involved. Everything should be directed to me.

Coming out to speak today, do you feel better?

Much better. I didn’t prepare anything to say today. If time is turned back, I will still say the same things. I will continue to move forward.

No matter what, you intend to keep moving forward?

We’re not official, we have to see what he says. It’s not something to where you can just have me date anyone.



Is he ok, to you?

            We haven’t started dating enough to decide anything yet. I’ll have to look for a little more. Even if I get hurt later, I’ve already made my choice. I made the choice, I will be the one to cry by my choice, smile by my choice, and end.




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  1. belleLilo
    November 11, 2018 at 7:19 pm

    Been seeing a lot of news lately about this on YouTube, but didn’t know what it was about.
    Thanks for the translation.

    For this issue, not to be saying or offending anyone, but for what Matt says, it’s true. She didn’t anything wrong and they aren’t even dating yet and this has become a big issue.
    I guess sometimes fans to the media forget that actors and actresses are like us, are humans with feelings. But in the end, there are always going to be people who dislike or hate you, as a person. Every one is a mature person to think of whatever they want.

    But good luck to Matt and best wishes to her to get through this!

    Just want to say something are reading the translation. Hope anyone don’t mind. XD

    -A supporting fan from the US-

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