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Real off screen leading actress, Jakjaan Akhamsiri discusses aiding someone who was hit by a car


You can call her a leading actress on and off screen. Jakjaan Akhamsiri talks about why she was late. She stopped to help someone who met with an accident. She admits to helping promote Plerng Pranang. She also complains about missing the opportunity to work with superstar Aum Patcharapa in this lakorn. She also talks about her post of sexy fashion photo and there will be another shot soon.

Today you came a little later than the original time scheduled, what happened?
Honestly, I had a queue to be here a bit earlier to rehearse with the host because I’m supposed to announce the award, but on my way here I came across an accident on the streets. There was a motorcycle that was broken down and another one stopped to help. There was a semi truck coming from a tunnel and met with the motorcyles. I went and administered some initial first aid for them, at first I was confused as to why there was such bad traffic. When I saw that there was an accident, I parked my car and turned the emergency lights on because I was afraid if another car was coming from the tunnels didn’t see, they might crash also. As for the person who was in the accident, it appear that his wrist had broken bones and he had a broken tooth. Luckily he was wearing a helmet, and as for the motorcycle it was completely damaged.

Why did you decide to stop and help?
I had to help because the accident happened right in front of me. The person who was hurt was laying there with blood all over him. I felt like I had to go help. Also, the image that you saw was blood all over his mouth and broken teeth. Luckily at that time a doctor was driving by, a woman doctor who was taking her child to the hospital. The doctor said he may have a broken wrist because of his shaky hands. I went and found something to support and use cloth to tie it. If you ask at that time if I was shocked, I was shocked but someone called the ambulance and I waited until the ambulance came. As for the other two that had the broken motorcycle, they were injured but due to them being older. They weren’t as injured as the person who was on the ground though.

Did you go all the way to the hospital to help?
No because I had to come to this event, but I gave them my contact number. Luckily the person driving the semi truck didn’t run and stayed to help and take responsibility for the accident. It is good that everyone is safe. There may be some heavy injuries, but not fatal. They may need a scan for the brain because there was severe impact of the head.

About lakorn progress, right now how is Pring Khon RerngMueang?
Right now it is finished filming. As for new projects, there is none right now, I’m free right now.

Recently you’ve been promoting Plerng Pranang as well?
I like it because P’ Yui and P’ Aum are both in it. It is a lakorn that I wanted to be in, but didn’t have the chance because the queue mashed with another lakorn. I regret it as well because it is a very big project. I think many actors want to be in the lakorn as well. Right now it is very entertaining.

Do you secretly critique when you watch?
No because everyone put in their fullest and it is very entertaining. Kratip is always losing in slap fights. She’s constantly losing to P’Aum. If it were me I would probably lose a slap fight with her as well.

You regret the opportunity to work with P’Aum?
If there is an opportunity than I do want to, but for P’Aum she accepts lakorns ever so often so I want to work with her. It is ok because today Likit Rissaya is competing and if I went to play in Plerng Pranang then today Likit Rissaya wouldn’t be competing. It’s ok, missed one opportunity and received another one instead.

In the future will there be a chance to work with P’ Aum?
I don’t know at all, it is up to the channel.

Most recently there was a swimsuit shot from 3 years ago that you reposted?
Suddenly Apple brought it up and when I saw it and realized it was 3 years and it passed very quickly.

There will be new projects coming soon?
Er.. taking a swimsuit photoshoot once is difficult already because we have to get fit. The atmosphere of taking the shots don’t only include make up artist, hair stylist, cameraman, but it includes the employees at the hotel and other people. Sometimes we take shots at the hotel or at the beach, so for right now I’ll just post a photo from 3 years ago.

There are a lot of people who commented and wants you to take them again?
For right now I rather not. I feel that the first time was already successful. If I am going to take another, it’ll probably be best to just be a regular sexy photoshoot.

There are some who teases and say that you posted it because you’re trying to tell magazines that you’re ready to take those photoshoots again. 
As I’ve said, apple reminded me. If you were to ask me if my body were ready right now, I’m not ready, not ready. I have to be more fit, especially since right now being healthy is coming strong. There should be a six pack. I can’t come ready like before.

Has there been anyone in contact yet?
Not yet, there hasn’t been any contact. Last year there was, but this year there hasn’t been yet. I think there probably won’t be any for now.

If you take another will it be stronger than before because last time you bared your entire top.
It probably won’t be any stronger than before (laughs) Truthfully at that time there was silicon to help because my real stuff isn’t that big also if I have to go stronger than that it probably isn’t possible. I would probably have to take it all off (laughs). The reason why I decided to take it that first time was because I had just changed to play the rai role for the first time, and I thought people wouldn’t believe me in the role if I looked too sweet. I just wanted to erase the doubt in me at the time (smiles). As for right now if you were to let me take those photos It is probably best not to. This year isn’t the right time for it, and rather not right now.

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